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Who we are:
We, Traditional Mask manufacturer and exporter since 1972. Established by Mr.A.L.S.Ambegoda. in 1969. Now we start retail sale also.
Mr. A.L.S.Ambegoda is an acknowledged master craftsmen of Sri Lanka. Mr.Ambegoda learnt kandyan and low-country dancing at Sri Lanka's National College of Fine Arts. After completing six years there , to become an accomplished dancer., He took to studying Sri Lankan Mask System as well. With his skills in carving and painting Mr.Ambegoda started to making mask. He made small masks with lack of resources. His creations were meet the growing demand for Sri Lankan handicrafts quality.He received request day by day . The small workshop become AMBEGODA HANDICRAFTS.

What we do:
Manufactuering Sri Lankan Traditional mask under master supervision. We have masks in whole arias of the Sri Lankan mask system. There are more than 150 different types of masks available. We reproduce ancient maks also.

What Makes Us Unique:
We servive the mask makeing art into futuer.